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Jacqueline Butler Hairston

Jacqueline Hairston

Brief Biographical Sketch

aka Jacqui Hairston jacqui@jbhproductions.com


ASCAP Composer-Arranger/Pianist/Music Educator

Jacqueline Hairston (known as Jacqui), a Sacramento, CA resident, a product of Juilliard, Howard University, and Columbia University, is an award-winning ASCAP former Bay Area Composer-Arranger/Pianist and Music Educator; former recipient of the SF Channel 5-TV station's Jefferson Awards for Preserving Negro Spirituals; recipient of the Los Angeles Living Legends Award for arranging African-Diaspora music; and previous inductee into the Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame for Culture & Art. Internationally renowned solo artists, such as Kathleen Battle, Grace Bumbry, Denyce Graves and the late William Warfield, as well as orchestras worldwide, have performed her works. Listed are her most recent achievements for the past few years until the present:

2012 - New York's Carnegie Hall debut as invited Guest Conductor with 300 singers (from around the country) performing her trademark choral arrangements of spirituals, of which echoes of Jester Hairston, was a world premiere in tribute to her Cousin, the late Jester Hairston (the "AMEN" Music-Man)

2013 - Resident-composer, as commissioned by "The Negro Spirituals Project" in Denver, CO, to create and premiere music in tribute to "University of Denver's" first 1900 African-American graduate, Madame E. Azalia Hackley

2011-2014- ongoing -Music Facilitator of water-themed "Spirituals for World-Wide Jungian Analystsin", for their annual "Civilization in Transition" Conference" focused on Symbolic Water as an eloquent symbol for psychic energy

2011-2014 - Selected as a favored composer-arranger of spirituals for Kathleen Battle's ongoing "UNDERGROUND RAILROAD" annual concerts, previously, with professional choral groups in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and the Baltimore and Buffalo Symphonies, and recently, the Detroit Symphony

February 2014 - Most recent appearance - Facilitator with the "SFJAZZ CENTER's Historic Presentations", covering an exploration into African-American music, embracing myriad forms of spirituality (Negro Spirituals to modern-day Gospel music and Jazz). Hairston's topic, "Spiritual Traditions in African-American Music". The event took place at "The Jazz Heritage Center of San Francisco"

Believing in the power of music to heal, Jacqui Hairston released her pioneering "healing music" Piano CD in 2009, performing hybrid arrangements of inspirational Spirituals and Hymn tunes intertwined with popular Classical Music excerpts against a background of nature sounds. The CD, entitled "Spiritual Roots + Classical Fruits: A Healing Harvest" was conceived to enable listeners to reduce STRESS and induce RELAXATION

New Aspirations:

2015-2016 Invitations:
Invited to present concert of my vocal works with "Mobile, Alabama Symphony Orchestra" (date TBA) in affiliation with Soprano Dr. Kimberley Davis, Voice Professor at the "University of Southern Mississippi"

2nd Invitation to Guest Conduct at Carnegie Hall, presenting chosen works of the African Diaspora as well as celebrate my chosen three categories of Artistic Contributors: "The WORD" - Pulitzer awardee/writer Alice Walker; "The INSTRUMENT" - celebrated Jazz phenomenon, Wynton Marsalis; and "The VOICE" - Kathleen Battle (skillful African-Diaspora Solo Interpreter) & (Group TBA) slated for Spring 2016

Jacqui Hairston

Photo by: Natalie Wesley


Spiritual Roots + Classical Fruits,
A Healing Harvest



Spiritual Roots + Classical Fruits

To listen to CD CLICK HERE


For more info check out my Jacqui live! page

Jester Hairston
In Loving Memory
of Jacqui Hairston's Cousin

Jester Hairston

World Wide Ambassador of Spirituals

Known as "THE AMEN MAN," based on the Spiritual, "Amen," which JESTER HAIRSTON popularized, and which Rhythm and Blues great Curtis Mayfield turned into a popular recording, Jester Hairston was a multi-talented Negro Spirituals heritage keeper. Born in 1901, he achieved fame in unlikely areas during his long career. He was awarded four honorary doctorate degrees for his achievements before he died at the age of 98 in 2000.

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Dr. George T. Butler
In Loving Memory
of Jacqui Hairston's Brother

Dr. George T. Butler

Remembering Dr. George T. Butler. A prominent jazz record executive for the Columbia/SONY, Blue Note and United Artists labels from the late 1960’s to the late 1990’s.

He died on April 9, 2008, in Castro Valley, Calif., at the age of 76.

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